An ALL Natural Sweetener: Good News For All Us Sweet-a-holics!

There's a new, all natural sweetener on the market! It's a proprietary blend of naturally-occurring plant sugars
that tastes, sweetens, and bakes just like sugar. But it has NONE of the negatives that come with white sugar!

  • It sweetens 1-for-1... just like sugar.
  • It has half the calories of refined sugar.
  • It's low glycemic... no blood-sugar spikes!
  • It BAKES just like sugar.
  • It has NO chemical additives whatsoever.


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Mom's a diabetic who loves sweets, and who dearly loves to bake. So keeping her blood sugar under control has been a real battle. Now that we've found NewSweet, she can bake her cookies, and not have to worry about her sugar levels. What a blessing!

Dusty Webber, Amarillo, TX

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that now the family can enjoy her baked goodies, because they don't have that HORRIBLE aftertaste from when she used the artificial junk.

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