We are sorry to advise that NewSweet is no longer available for sale.

The Supplier to our core ingredient in NewSweet, holds the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION rights for North and South America. On 12/15/2015 we recieved an email stating, that effective immediately, we would no longer be able to purchase their product. Had we had any warning about what was "coming", we would have purchased as much base ingredient as possible.

However, the notice was "effective immediately". They recommended a "middle man" distributor. But, when I contacted that distributor my "new" wholesale price QUADRUPLED per kilo and the minimum quantity DOUBLED.

We have tried every avenue feasible and legal way to overcome the obstacles, but have had no success.

We have sold all product that we had in stock, and I am truly sorry, but we cannot stay in business at those prices and have made the decision to close our business.

IF we find any way to obtain product, we will certainly let you know, by posting on this page, and if you have previously purchase, we will email you.

Again, I soooooo much wish it was different.

Cheryl White

An ALL Natural Sweetener: Good News For All Us Sweet-a-holics!

There's a new, all natural sweetener on the market! It's a proprietary blend of naturally-occurring plant sugars
that tastes, sweetens, and bakes just like sugar. But it has NONE of the negatives that come with white sugar!

  • It sweetens 1-for-1... just like sugar.
  • It has half the calories of refined sugar.
  • It's low glycemic... no blood-sugar spikes!
  • It BAKES just like sugar.
  • It has NO chemical additives whatsoever.


Mom's a diabetic who loves sweets, and who dearly loves to bake. So keeping her blood sugar under control has been a real battle. Now that we've found NewSweet, she can bake her cookies, and not have to worry about her sugar levels. What a blessing!

Dusty Webber, Amarillo, TX

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that now the family can enjoy her baked goodies, because they don't have that HORRIBLE aftertaste from when she used the artificial junk.

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